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Nathan Perl-Rosenthal

Contact and Early Settlment

European-Native Relations, Contact to Borderlands

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Atlantic Africa

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England: Glorious Revolution and State-Building

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English (and then American) Culture in the Seventeenth-Century

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Colonial Development, ca. 1650-1750

Trade, War and Empire in the Americas

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The Development of North American Regions

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Struggles for Land, North and South

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Slavery, Plantations and Anti-Slavery in the Americas

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Between Black and White: Free Coloreds North and South

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Religion and the Shaping of the Colonies

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The American Enlightenment

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Tp the Revolution…

Origins of the Revolution: the Social Interpretations

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Origins of the Revolution: the Ideological Interpretations

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Origins of the Revolution: New Perspectives

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Fighting the Revolution: War and Violence

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…And Beyond

The American and French Revolutions

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Nationalism in the New Nation

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The Struggle for the Republic, 1790s-1810s

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