American History - Kling

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Compiled by Samuel Kling, Northwestern University.




Early Republic

Slavery, Civil War, Reconstruction

Urbanization, Labor, Race (c. 1877-1900)

Progressivism & Reform, c. 1890-1920

Liberal State and New Deal Social Order

Foreign Relations: World War II and Cold War

Race, Deindustrialization and “Urban Crisis”

Neoliberalism, Conservatism & the Punitive State

  • Beth Bailey and David Farber, eds., America in the 70s (2004), essays by Bailey, Braunstein, Graebner.
  • Beth Bailey and David Farber, eds., The Sixties: From Memory to History (1994): Farber Introduction, essays by Collins, McMahon, Echols, Bailey, Cmiel, Farber (and other essays too if you'd like).