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Race, slavery, and abolition: a hemispheric perspective

Covers social history of antebellum slavery as well as intellectual history of race (with attention to the particular salience of the black/white color line in U.S.); includes comparisons to slave regimes elsewhere in the Western hemisphere. Also covers movements towards abolition and the aftermath of emancipation, with an emphasis on the international context and divergent experiences elsewhere in the hemisphere.

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Politics: struggles for political and civil rights

Focuses on two major political movements in the nineteenth century West: the struggle in the first half of the nineteenth century for an expanded franchise and in the second half of the century for social/industrial democracy. Considers how these movements towards modern politics grew out of the eighteenth-century “democratic revolutions.” A portion of this topic considers political radicalism and its relationship to mainstream political movements in Europe and the U.S.

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Colonialism, nationalism, state-building

Traces the relationships that existed in the nineteenth century between colonialism (and Western expansion, in the U.S.), nationalism and state-building. Considers how U.S. expansion into the West and colonization overseas shaped U.S. nationalism. Also covers the general political and social consequences of Western expansion.

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Economic globalization and social transformation

This topic covers the transformation of the U.S. economy and the responses of society and politics to these changes. It begins with readings on the increasing integration of the U.S. into a global economic system, covering the transportation, market and industrial revolutions throughout the West. Then considers, in comparative context, the social groups especially affected by these changes—wage workers, slaves, women, the middle classes—responded to them. This section will devote particular attention to the social roots of political reform and religious reform movements.

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