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Ankh jewelry - a touch of luxury and occult

If you prefer sporting not only exquisite, but also meaningful pieces of jewelry, then Ankh Jewelry will probably be your excellent choice. There’s no question that jewelry just like any detail of our clothing functions as probably the most effective ways for our self-expression. Therefore, the ideal item of jewelry provides us not only with an opportunity to accentuate our aesthetic tendencies, but also to give a hint about our spiritual nature.

The majority of us used to say “Nothing lasts forever”. It’s correct only to a particular extent. Times change. Some individuals come into this world, the others die. The whole world develops continually. Even so there’re things that appear to be everlasting. Occult symbols and signs can be referred to those things, which appear to be eternal. Over the ages, hundreds and also many thousands of years, lots of people preserve their belief in power of these mysterious emblems. We still wear talismans and amulets, imitating the shape of occult symbols, to find ourselves protected from the evil eye or any sort of disaster as well as to attract good luck. Moreover, these days a large number of these symbols are finding their application in vogue industry and especially in fashion jewelry production. Typically the most popular Egyptian signs contain Ankh, Eye of Horus, Horus, Infinity, Sphinx, Winged Disc, Ba Bird, Nefertiti and so on that are commonly reproduced in various jewelry designs. Looking for excellence, the present day jewelry designers make an effort to produce the exceptional articles of jewelry that look quite genuine. The are aware that life of Egyptian nobles was associated with luxury. The attire of pharaohs, priests, lawyers, scribers, doctors, or important military staff was usually accessorized with solid jewelry pieces, made from gold and gemstones which were used to accentuate their highest social position. Ankh is one of the basic symbols of the Ancient Egypt culture. Actually it has the variety of meanings, but, first of all, it’s a sign of life. The shape of Ankh, uniting the circle and cross, represents the feminine and masculine energy, i.e. fertility and creative power. The circle and cross are also linked to the Sun and horizon, which meant for the ancient Egyptians the reincarnation and rebirth.

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