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How to use Wikitext

Videri uses Wikitext, a light-weight, easy to use markup language created by Wikipedia. For a tutorial on how to use Wikitext, please see Wikipedia's excellent tutorial. If you are new to editing wikis, don't worry! Videri keeps a change-log of all edits and any mistakes you make while editing can be rolled back, so feel free to experiment.

Novice and advanced editors alike can benefit by enabling the wikEd editing tool, which offers a full suite of editing tools and syntax highlighting. To enable wikEd, (while logged in) visit your Preferences page, click on the "Gadgets" tab, check the box labeled "gadget-wikEd", and save your settings.

How to Create a Page

The easiest way to create a page on Videri is to simply link to a not yet existing page. If the page does not already exist then the link will appear in red. To start a new article, click on the link you just made. The new article will open for editing. For book summaries, Videri uses short titles for page naming. If you would like to create a page for a book, please use the following format:

[[Short Title|Long Title: A History of Hypertext, from Memex to the Present]]

The text before the "|" serves as the page title, while the text to be displayed in the link is placed after the "|".

How to Enter Bibliographic Data

To enter bibliographic data about a book in a summary page, please place the following template at the beginning of the article. You can enter as much information about the book as you would like, empty fields will be ignored. Please replace the text in the image section between "File:" and ".jpg" with the book's short title. After saving the page, you'll notice that if you click on the "200px" link, you'll be able to upload a (jpg) book cover. Larger images will automatically be scaled down so they don't break the tables.

{{Infobox book
| name           = 
| image          = [[File:REPLACE THIS TEXT WITH THE BOOKS'S SHORT TITLE.jpg|200px|alt=Cover]]
| image_caption  = 
| author         = 
| translator     = 
| country        = 
| language       = 
| series         = 
| publisher      = 
| pub_date       = 
| pages          = 
| isbn           = 
| oclc           = 
| congress       = 

How to Upload an Image

To upload an image, simply enter the following code where you would like the picture to appear, replacing "Name of File" with a descriptive name and ".jpg" with the appropriate file-type. After saving the edits, click on the red link that appears on the article page. You will be taken to an upload page.

 [[File:Name of File.jpg|alt=image]] 

For more advanced options, please see Wikipedia's picture tutorial.